Face to Face Face to face We have a network of face to face interviewers across the UK, all trained and monitored to the highest standards.

Interviews usually take place either in respondents’ homes or in busy areas such as high streets and shopping centres, but we’ve also interviewed at sporting events, including the London Olympics, railway stations, and outside major tourism and entertainment events. It’s a technique that we’ve developed into a fine art by appreciating the simple fact that face to face interaction between interviewer and respondent can be invaluable in eliciting co-operation and building rapport.
Telephone Telephone We have our own in-house telephone unit using specialist computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) software.

It’s a cost-effective way of reaching respondents across geography and demography, especially as our 100 CATI staff are trained to MRS standards to obtain information as efficiently and politely as possible. Telephone interviews are great for short questionnaires where respondents don’t need any visual stimuli, but they’re also ideal for longer, in-depth interviews, when we can probe for insightful and useful feedback.

Fieldwork Fieldwork-only We’re flexible enough to accommodate your needs and can handle any part of your research programme.

We can provide raw data (in a number of formats), data tables, technical design or qualitative recruitment for organisations that have in-house research facilities. Equally, we can offer to process questionnaires or data files which you have collected yourself. We’ll work closely with your team, and you’ll have the reassurance that we will deliver exactly the sort of fieldwork your research needs.

XDA Tablets We’ve been conducting face to face fieldwork on iPads and Android tablets since 2011 and now use them for almost all our field projects.

They’re great for projects that need a visual stimulus, and the enhanced speed and quality of data collection and reporting is an advantage for any project.

X-Ray X-Ray Spex X-Ray Spex are lightweight, unobtrusive glasses that can record really good quality sound and vision.

They’re easy to use and don’t get in the way, so you can watch point-of-view playback that puts you right at the heart of the action. You’ll see exactly what they see and, because the results are so instinctive and unprompted, you’ll have a fantastically refreshing insight into buying habits and ad awareness. We’ve used the Spex on a number of innovative research projects – analyzing consumers’ shopping behaviour, their interaction with a service or advertising responses – and our clients have been delighted by the results.
Hall Test Hall test Hall tests involve hiring a venue in a central location and inviting a large number of respondents to evaluate your products or services.

Participants are recruited from the street adjacent to the venue and nominal incentives are usually given in order to encourage their co-operation. Whilst they’re often used for quantitative data, qualitative information can also be obtained by using open-ended questioning. Either way, it’s a cost effective solution that allows respondents to try out your product or service in a controlled environment with relatively fast access to the data we gather.

National and international National and international With a network of international partners, we can conduct research anywhere in the world and the Field & Fab Director has coordinated continuous brand tracking research in up to 50 countries on a single project. We are well versed in the techniques for centralised quality control of international fieldwork and, using a mix of in-house and sub-contracted suppliers, we select partners who are best suited (and most competitive) for each individual project.

GPS GPS We’re always looking for ways in which new technology can be used to deliver better research.

That’s why we’ve invested in portable GPS tracking units; they’re unobtrusive so respondents can carry them round for a few days before we download their travel logs. The data is then overlaid on to an Ordnance Survey map and the result is a fascinating visual record of each person’s daily movements and travel behaviour.
panelbase Panel is our consumer panel. It's been operating since 2004 and now has over 240,000 members who have opted-in to online, mobile, telephone and focus group research.

Panellists are recruited from multiple online and offline channels providing a nationally representative and highly targeted sample with 800+ fields of data. Member of ESOMAR.