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Scottish Editor, Sunday Times

"Ivor is a first-class operator who brings a huge level of enthusiasm, expertise and flexibility to the table. We have worked together on several occasions and I would have no hesitation in recommending his excellent services to others."

Head of Insight and Planning, LIVING TV Group

"Ivor did an excellent job managing the research on our brand tracker, and was very efficient and knowledgeable.

Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity."

Senior Insight Executive, Manning Gottlieb OMD

"One aspect of my job is to measure the performance of street festivals and outdoor campaigns in London. As these events may only happen once a year it is critical to have all the research in place on time on the day. So when it comes to choosing a research specialist that can provide all the resources, are reliable and cost effective, I always contact this agency."

Senior Account Manager, Thales

"Ivor is one of a kind. His management style is utterly professional, knowledgeable and authoritative. He is extremely well respected and a very capable individual in all things research focused. Ivor is almost obsessive about getting things right and his standards are very high. I would not only have no hesitation in recommending Ivor but would positively encourage doing business with him. It is a refreshing experience!"

Planning Director and Partner, Karmarama

"I don't know if it's their location, their staff or their culture, but rarely have I encountered such a nice bunch of can-do people. Their work has been excellent, to time and budget (both of which bettered London-based competition). I wouldn't hesitate for one moment to recommend them, other than not wanting other agencies to discover my secret stash of top-quality suppliers."

Research Manager, Feather Brooksbank

"We approached them to help us carry out research targeting shoppers in Glasgow, one wave of which was conducted during the run up to Christmas when pinning shoppers down was more challenging than usual as they were understandably pre-occupied. They did a great job, taking this challenge in their stride and delivering our results on time."

Managing Director, New Skills Consulting

"We were delighted with the results - delivered a high response from our target market on time and in budget."


"Due to the history of this large group, it required in-depth and sometimes sensitive, multi-methodological research to evaluate opinions within staff and customers. It was also crucial that the research ensured that any future brand positioning did not affect sales or individual brand reputation. This agency approached the research with understanding, patience and above all flexibility. OfficeTeam have since commissioned further projects and have enjoyed the same high standard of service from the team."