About Us

Field & Fab can call on over 800 interviewers to conduct research across the UK (and beyond, using overseas partners)

With expert client-facing researchers working in an operational capacity, we can offer more than many field and tab suppliers and internal operations divisions. Not only do we understand the nuts and bolts needed to construct reliable and robust data, we also have an in-depth affinity with the researchers who then take that data to the next level of analysis and interpretation for the client. Our focus at every stage is on the end product; interviewing methodology, questionnaire design, sampling procedures, and data processing are all geared towards meeting the project’s ultimate goals and meeting the client’s research needs. All too often, operations units can develop a silo mentality; our ethos is based around serving clients through cooperation, consultation and transparency.

Quality Control

We adhere to ISO 9001 standards relating to all aspects of our business, including interviewer monitoring and data processing. In addition, we routinely analyse data sets cut by interviewer ID as a final check for discrepancies.


We understand that project requirements can change at short notice and we are always ready to provide quick recosts and accommodate late client requests.

Competitive Prices

Our pricing is more than a match for any of our competitors. But, just as importantly, we can guarantee that our service will be exemplary - the speed and efficiency of our fieldwork and turnaround is unbeatable.

Our group

We're a part of DRG, an award-winning top 100 UK research group that provides fieldwork across all sectors, from media and retailers, to public sector and charities.

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